The Monuments Men – Review

On Wednesday the 19th of February the English courses of the Coppi Gym. followed an invitation of the American Embassy to the new Clooney movie “The Monuments Men”, at the impressive Delphi Filmpalast.

The American Ambassador Mr Emerson welcomed us and other students from Berlin schools, by holding a speech.


Clooney’s Monuments Men, deals with a group of seven men, who are deployed in Europe to find several artefacts and save them from the Nazis. In an amusing way the film gives a basic depiction of the events in Europe during World War II. Through funny dialogs, emotional and charming moments Clooney and the cast of fantastic actors are leading the audience through two hours of an actually serious issue, the search for paintings or sculptures the Nazis stole or were planning to destroy.


Nevertheless, the one-sided view on the American achievements during the war, makes the plot simple and trivial. Moreover, a lot of scenes are a quite kitchy and a glorifying presentation of Americans, which disturbs the plot of the movie. The unreal illustration of the Second World War makes the movie superficial and implausible.

All in all, we would recommend the heart touching and entertaining movie for a rainy Saturday evening.


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