Coppi goes Berlinale

The clash of generations mixed with transitory fame and success: This could be a short summary of ‘Man in the Chair’ by Michael Schroeder.

After walking over the red carpet of the ‘rich and the famous’, we entered a crowded cinema. In fact, it was so crowded that some of the spectators even had to sit on the floor.

The movie we watched was about the rebellious juvenile Cameron, who is searching for a suitable theme for his film project and who meets the grim old Hollywood lighting expert Flash, played by Christopher Plummer. Flash once worked for Orson Wells on the movie ‘Citizen Kane’ and now introduces the boy to a completely new world: the forgotten veterans of the dream factory and their destinies in old age.

Schroeder combines almost every film genre in his ninth feature film: comedy, tragedy and documentary about nursing home neglect and the American dream of fame.

After the screening of the film the director faced the many questions from an enthusiastic and impressed audience.

Now, we are preparing a project to look beyond the film. At first we weren’t quite happy about the extra work, but when we learned that we could work on presentations about the ‘making of the movie’ (camera techniques, soundtrack, or the characters of the movie) most of us really got into it.